Absinthe Las Vegas

Absinthe show at Caesars Palace Las Vegas is a fantastical blend of carnival and spectacle, featuring wild, outlandish acts performed on an intimate, circular stage where the audience is as close to the action as you can possibly get. The show is an adults-only, variety act that combines elements of burlesque, circus, and vaudeville. Dubbed “The #1 greatest show in Las Vegas history”. Get 100% guaranteed Absinthe tickets for all upcoming shows at the lowest possible price.

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Absinthe Las Vegas

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Ticket Information



  • Age restriction: Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Location: Strip-side at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Address: 3570 S. Las Vegas Blvd. 89109
  • Showtimes: 8 and 10 p.m. daily.
  • Show Length: 90 Minutes


  • Category D: balcony & upper loggia seating – Ticket Price from $130
  • Category E: limited view seating – Ticket Price from $133
  • Category C: standard view seating – Ticket Price from $151
  • Category B: premium view seating – Ticket Price from $184
  • Category VIP: Ringside VIP – Ticket Price from $216

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Seating Chart

Seating Chart

About Absinthe Show

See The #1 greatest show in Las Vegas history! Don’t miss out on your chance to watch the beautiful shows. Grab great tickets and enjoy!

If you’re easily offended, an absolute bore, or just don’t like having fun, “Absinthe” at Caesars Palace is not the show for you. There’s a good chance the host, The Gazillionaire, and his sidekick Wanda Widdles, are probably going to publicly shame you if you leave early, but don’t worry; there’s no way you’ll get out of your seat once the show starts. It’s completely intoxicating.

The ideal blend of variety, wild acrobatics, and lots of sexy people doing ultra sexy things, “Absinthe” is one show you’ll never forget. Just like the glowing green spirit of the show’s namesake, consuming this experience will make you feel as though you were struck by something extraordinary you can’t quite put your finger on.

That’s called incredible entertainment, folks. And you don’t have to be under the influence to enjoy yourself. But a word to the wise, you may not want to bring your dear Aunt Edna because this show is full of raunchy jokes, and lingerie-clad acrobats, and you may even be pulled on stage for a lap dance. We’re not saying this wouldn’t make for an excellent dinner conversation but it’s not what you want to be reminiscing upon when slicing into grandma’s meatloaf.  So go ahead and order a double (triple?) of whatever gets your feel-good flowing, and let this hilariously zany and outlandishly fun production whisk you away from reality. Source: Vegas.com


Juliana Shallcross

Absinthe is a renegade, irreverent circus act featuring insane acrobatics, alluring burlesque dancers, and over-the-top comedy that’s all overseen by the Gazillionaire, a dirty-minded emcee.

• How are the seats?
The show is performed in the round, which means that no seat is more than 11 rows from the stage. So you don’t have to spring for VIP tickets, but they will get you closer to the action, along with a cushioned seat and a complimentary small bottle of champagne (or soft drink).

• Anything in particular that makes this place special?
You won’t find acts like these elsewhere in the world, let alone in Las Vegas. From tap-dancing twins to burlesque acrobats, a sexy singing Green Fairy to a brother-sister duo that does stunts on roller skates, these are some of the oldest and most thrilling performances in town.

And you may never see the same show twice: The producers of Absinthe constantly scour the world for new talents to incorporate into the show.

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